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Does the tint bubble up after time?

No! we only install high quality film. cheap films may bubble over time as the adhesives are not strong enough which is why we do not use them 

Can I open my car windows straight away after installation?

During the curing process of the film we recommend you do not use your windows. After 48 hours you can use them as before

Do you fit the film to the rear window of my car in one piece?

Yes, all rear hatch & saloon windows are fitted with one piece of tint, skillfully heat shrunk to shape. 

Does the film affect the rear window defroster of my car?

No, the film does not affect the element. On rare occasions, on cars with prominent heater lines, you may experience a mildly distorted view through the rear screen. This is perfectly normal.

I've seen lots of tinted vehicles close up with creases and bubbles everywhere, will my windows look like that?

No, your windows will look perfect for as long as you own your vehicle. 

When I come to sell my vehicle, can the film be removed at all?

Yes, all of our films can be removed cleanly, even after many years. 

Do my vehicle windows have to be clean upon arrival?

No, not particularly. But, we do need to know if you think your vehicle has been tinted before, or you've tried to tint it yourself, possibly leaving transparent adhesive on the windows which then can incur additional costs to remove and clean ready for your new installation. Worst-case scenario, we would need to view your vehicle first to assess extra time & labour required.

Now my vehicle is tinted, I've noticed a few scratches on the outside of the glass that I haven't noticed beforE. where have they come from?

On clear glass you wouldn't notice existing glass scratches. Window films reflect more light from the vehicle surroundings so if your windows are slightly marked, the films will show them up more.

What can I keep my windows clean with?

Any glass cleaner as long as it doesn't contain ammonia.

Do you offer a guarantee with your work?

Yes, we guarantee the film for as long as you own your vehicle, or for 10 years in home and business installations, against any material defect.

Can I tint my windscreen?

No, we do not fit films to any vehicle windscreens unless there is a medical exemption. Sun strips can be applied to the top of your windscreen as long as they do not obstruct your vision in any way.

I have a company car on Contract Hire. Can the film be removed when I have to give the car back and will it leave a residue on the glass?

Yes, it can be removed and no, our films don't leave any residue on the glass when we remove the film.  You wouldn't know it had been there!  This is also useful if you come to sell a vehicle and the new owner doesn't like the tint.

Will window film help with air conditioning bills?

Yes. Window film is the fastest payback of any building product you can put in a house or building. Window film will reduce the heat load on your air conditioner by cutting down the amount of heat that has to be overcome, decreasing the running time of the air conditioner. This will reduce utility bills and add years to the life of your air conditioner.

How long does the tinting last?

Our installations are backed by a 10 year factory warranty.

Will it affect my GPS?

No, your GPS will work as it did before installation.

Can you do the work at my home/ place of work.

We recommend that installation work takes place in our controlled, factory environment, protected from the elements, which will enable us to carry out your installation to the highest standard.

I've got a cheaper price from someone else.

That’s fine if you want a cheap job doing, but do you? We regularly get asked to rectify other peoples mistakes. All of a sudden a cheap job is no longer that cheap. We do GUARANTEED work with a warranty that we stick too! We use top quality film fitted to the highest standard. In the tinting industry, the saying "you get what you pay for" is so true.... However, we are realistic and honest with our prices.  Whether a Range Rover is 1 week or 10 years old the price is the same, the quality of the work is the same and the warranty is the same. Hopefully this will help you to feel confident in using us.

Will window film help in preventing fading?

Yes. Window film reduces ultra violet rays, visible light and heat. It virtually eliminates all fading. There are many different factors involved in fading. The main reason is ultra-violet rays. Other factors include visible light, heat, natural aging, interior lighting and more. Because of all these factors no one can technically guarantee "no fading." But a quality window film will stop 99% of ultra-violet rays and a large portion of visible light and heat depending upon which film you choose. But regardless, 99% of U.V. will be eliminated.  Window film is the only way to accomplish this and still retain visibility through your windows. 

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